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Association of Regional Water Authorities - UvW

The Association aims to promote the interests of Dutch Regional Water Authorities (‘waterschappen’) at a national and international level. All 25 DutchRegional Water Authorities are member of the Association. The main purpose of the Association is the safeguarding of the interests of its members with regard to third parties, more particularly the national government and parliament as well as on a European level. The Unie van Waterschappen has, together with the Association of Dutch Water Companies, an auxiliary branch in Brussels. The representation of the interests of its membersbecomes apparent, for example, in consultations with the ministries and Members of Parliament, in comments on policy documents and memorandums, in the participation in advisory and consultative bodies, and so on. With an increase of European legislation, the Association operates more and more on an international level. The Association is member of the following European organizations: EUREAU, EUWMA and EWA. In addition to external promotion of interests, the Association also supports, for example, their members in legal affairs.

Unie van Waterschappen
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