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Association of Dutch Water Companies - VEWIN

Vewin is the association of drinking water companies in the Netherlands. Vewin´s most important activity is to represent the common interests of its members in The Hague and Brussels. Vewin was founded on 18 November 1952. In this year there were 198 water companies in the Netherlands, 177 of which were members of the association. There are now 10 water companies in the Netherlands, all are members of Vewin. Next to these members, Vewin also has a special member in Curacao. The water companies supply clean and safe drinking water, the most essential component for life, something that has been taken for granted by everyone in the Netherlands for decades. Members produce an annual total of some 1.2 billion m³ of drinking water. In 1952, that total was 378 million m³.

Vereniging van waterbedrijven in Nederland

PO Box 1019

2280 CA Rijswijk

The Netherlands