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Belgian Federation for the Water Sector

Belgaqua is a professional association, grouping the 3 regional associations representing the Water Sector in Belgium: AQUABRU for the Region of Brussels-Capital; AQUAWAL for the Walloon Region; AQUAFLANDERS for the Flemish Region. Together, these 3 regional associations gather 47 drinking water production and supply companies and/or services as well as the urban Waste water collection and treatment services of the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions. The members of Belgaqua deliver more than 99 % of the Water supply and cover the whole urban Waste water collection and treatment in Belgium. Belgaqua defends the collective interests of its members on the federal (national), European and international levels. The federation stimulates scientific studies, technical, economic and administrative work. It spreads information, advice and recommendations towards professionals and consumers about the use of drinking water and the protection of its quality. Belgaqua acts also as the national certification body for the conformity of materials in contact with drinking water and devices connected to the drinking water supply network.

Belgische Federatie voor de Watersector / Fédération Belge du Secteur de l'Eau
Boulevard Général Wahis, 21
1030 Brussels
+ 32 (02) 706 40 90