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“We need more cooperation to prevent harmful chemicals in the water cycle”

Press release, Stockholm World Water Week

Harmful chemicals used in consumer products pose not only a health risk to citizens but also ends up in wastewaters and finally enter the water cycle. To fully eliminate them in the wastewater treatment is today nor technically possible nor sustainable from an energy or economy point of view. In general, it is much more efficient to control substances at source through reduced use of harmful chemicals in processes and products.

“Legal restrictions is an efficient way to reduce harmful chemicals in our waters, but economic incentives and voluntary industry initiatives may be as important”, says Anders Finnson, representing EUREAU and Environmental Advisor at Swedish Water & Wastewater Association .

At the occasion of a joint seminar on “Cooperation to Prevent Harmful Chemicals in the Water Cycle”, EUREAU, together with ChemSec and leading companies, present tools for chemicals management and show the business advantages of being ahead of chemicals regulations. The seminar highlights positive examples from progressive companies and shows how the regulatory development needs to be adapted.

“At today´s seminar we are really looking forward to describe this unique cooperation between an environmental group, water management and business, and explain how cooperation can lead to cleaner waters”, says Anne-Sofie Andersson, ChemSec Director.

Presentations of the seminar